Wow, day 16 of lock-down is here.  We made it!

As we entered this stay-at-home period I knew that there would be some challenges, but I also knew that this was a great opportunity for growth.  Spending quality time with God and my family made me feel extremely grateful.  This time is also a great time to reflect and to do some housekeeping (not the cleaning and sweeping of the house type, although that is important too.) I felt that I needed to do some mental housekeeping.

I then started reading Joyce Meyer’s, Battlefield of the mind and realized again how important it is to guard our thoughts and hearts during this time.  Something that stood out for me as I read was that a negative thought life can’t produce a positive life.  I needed to make sure that I think of what I’m thinking about. Especially with regards to the Covid virus. Be picky what thoughts you open the door to.

We’re trying to spend a lot of time outside and including the children when we’re cooking, cleaning or just chilling.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you and your families! I hope you’re having lots of fun and remember to be creative every now and again.   Keep your passion ignited.

I’d love to hear from your! Feel free to pop me a e-mail anytime.

Lots of love