• Couple Photography

    Walter & Maryke

    Maryke and Walter introduced me to this amazing beach. What a hidden gem. We had so many photo opportunities. The dunes. The boardwalk. The rocks.  Just breathtaking.  This couple was so much fun! Love and spontaneity oozed from them. Here are some highlights!       

  • Kid's Parties

    Lumé turns 1

    A precious gift from above.  Lumé is the cutest little girl.   Her mommy and daddy did an amazing job setting up this beautiful party for her. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and so did I! Kirkwood truly has beautiful people.  Here are a few highlights!         

  • Family Photography

    Aula and Family

    What a beautiful family. We had so many things to celebrate in this session. Family visiting from overseas. Pregnancy. Engagement. The love binding this family was visible and tangible. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing them!   Have a look at some of the highlights.           

  • FAQ's

    Time of Session

    FAQ Friday Q: What time will the photoshoot be?  A: Dear Client Time plays a crucial role as important elements of photography depend on it or is linked to it. I usually suggest an early morning session for the early birds. Depending on the season it will be around 6 am for summer sessions and 7 am for winter sessions.  My favourite is, of course, the late afternoon sessions. In summer one can look at around 6 pm.  The light at this hour is absolutely stunning and eliminates harsh shadows. This is also usually when the beach or other public venues become a little quieter, allowing a comfortable session.  Some people think you…

  • FAQ's

    Turnaround Time

    FAQ Friday Q:  How long will I wait for my photographs?  A:   Dear Client  My wedding contract states that the photographs will be done between 4-6 weeks of the wedding. I strive to have a sneak peek available within 3 days of the wedding. I know how excited one is to see the images.  I then tend to my editing workflow on the first in, first out principle.  In other words, if your family shoot was the 9th of December I will tend to your photographs before I edit the wedding of the 12th of December.  The turnaround time is, however, not set in stone. Depending on the season and…

  • Family Photography

    Dixon Family

      The beautiful Zara turned 1.  We had to postpone the session and on the day we were able to do it… The wind and cold greeted us. I must say overall we managed to get a few really nice photo’s  This is a beautiful and photogenic family. I love photographing them.   

  • Family Photography

    Ferreira Family

    The beautiful Ferreira family suggested Harry Giddy Park as a location. This beautiful, neat park is situated in Mosselbay.  The Ferreira family celebrated their mother’s birthday on the day of the shoot. (She looks more like their sister to me)  I enjoyed every second of this casual and spontaneous,  family session.     

  • Family Photography

    Geldenhuys Family

    I was in awe throughout this shoot. Not only are they first time parents, but the Geldenhuys couple braved out the beach with their 6-week old bub.  The sun was high quite quickly, but that didn’t stop us from having fun and capturing beautiful moments.  Have a look at this awesome family’s special moments captured…       

  • Wedding Photography

    Schonken Wedding

      This couple is just an absolute treat. I met Johann and Jessica a couple of months ago when we did an e-session in Wilderness. Then, already, I was amped for their wedding.   A easy going couple who loves adventure and that doesn’t mind getting wet.   The Schonken couple got married on the beach at De Vette Mossel, Grootbrak in the Western Cape.  Intimate and lively.  While Jessica was getting ready to walk down the isle, we noticed a pod of dolphins diving away as we stood on the balcony. The dolphins must have been curious as a pod of dolphins entered the scene while the couple got married too! …