• Tips and Tricks

    Daily Planner

    Daily planning can really help you to manage your time better, to prioritize and just to add an overall structure to your day. One’s mind can easily get cluttered with all you need to remember and all you need to do.  This is a really simple, but oh so important topic. It assists with productivity and helps you work on that organizing skills you didn’t know you have.  No, really, my artistic and creative side usually overpowers the side where I needed to organize and remember things.  I used to have an imaginary checklist, some of the boxes vanished and some were blatantly left unticked.  I now have a daily remember-list, a sectional…

  • FAQ's,  Tips and Tricks

    Photo session: Tips

    So after a few sessions, I started noting a few things that truly helped set a delightful mood in the photographs I take. Editing becomes a breeze and everything just works together well. The points below are based on my opinion though. Thus nothing is written in stone. It also serves as a great reference point for clients who are a bit unsure about what to wear, what not to wear etc.     When deciding on what to wear for your family session you can have a look at the color wheel above.  Go for neutral cooler colors or complimentary warmer colors.  You can even wear different shades of the…

  • Dedication

    Katrien’s Dedication

    What a special day this was. Katrien got dedicated  during an intimate sermon on Sunday. The name Katrien means “pure.”  She is a beautiful little girl and her future truly looks bright.  Psalm 23  

  • Kid's Parties

    Niam’s Birthday Bash

    Niam is such a sweet little boy. He celebrated his fourth birthday party at the Redberry Farm in George.  The kids had to dress up like their favourite superhero! They absolutely loved the idea of walking around in their capes and masks around the farm. Some dressed up as Spiderman, others as Iron Man. One of the little girls even came as her self-invented Superhero, a Dragonfly! Have a look at what else they got up to…              Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14